Damian Marley - Jr. Gong . Canvas Print - 2017


Embellished Canvas Print is on a high quality canvas and looks very nice and comes in any size, I slightly embellish with paint highlights , reflective paint, protective gloss varnish, glitter and signed !
Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship as each one is done by me individually and this ain't McDonald's ;P

Also now available as signed HQ Gloss Heavy Paper Prints 11"x17"
"..Can you think of a color that you've never seen?
Can you reminisce on places you've never been?
Well, is many are called but them never deemed,
Worthy for the cause 'cause them never clean,
Help who help themselves, Jah nuh raffle dreamโœจ..
That's why me chummy with Jah Jah like a cherubim, Keep us strong through the winter like an evergreen, And all of us are more connected than it ever seems.. All things are related and creation is a package,
Generate together and we increase the wattage,
A how them a go manage? Tell Babylon them can't do Rasta damage Nor stop we through the passage
Jah did make a promise, God is always honest,
Always keep His word, don't care what the plan is
Don't be astonished, stumbling blocks vanish
One day the meek gonna live inna di palace..." -
- Damian Marley .

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