Naupaka / Pele - Original


Naupaka / Pele !! I painted this live during a show on version with Keikilani and Leo Lindsey, two hawaiian slack key artists! I later painted the Naupaka flowers that have a legend that goes with them.. they grow as half a flower, with the 'top half' in high elevation/mountains, and the 'bottom half' in low elevation/ by the beach. The legend is something about two lovers, and Pele gets jealous? and there's like a lightening strike (learned this after finishing the painting!) and eruption and she throws lava at him, so Pele's sister turns the lovers into these flowers to keep them safe? and i heard if you put two flowers together it can bring you their blessing, so i painted the two flowers coming together in the middle at the bottom and that kindof became the meaning/focus of this painting i think :)
2'x4' on canvas ! Clear coated with a protective gloss-varnish
*(also available as embellished print and merch [link top of the page]*
Thanks a lot!

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