Elephant Landscape - canvas print . 2017


Giclee Canvas Print
Elephant Landscape
Embellished with paint, glitter, protective clear coat, signed and shipped by me! These canvas prints look great I really like them and always want to keep them myself haha! Different sizes available up to size of the Original.

Landscape was a photo of a huuuuge Buddha in Wat Muang monastery, Ang Thong, Thailand. 💛 I'm not sure where the elephant was from but my reference photo had its tusks sawed at the very tips, I think so they don't get sawed all the way off by poachers? Maybe safety for the people keeping it? It had a chain too that I got to not paint in the painting, nice to give its tusks back and free it's leg up, hope to paint more of these big critters! these things are such big animals.. and probably a handful to try and take care of and help/ rescue.. the elephants are having a hard time.. I hope to see one traveling someday!!

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